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Not a Love Story (2011) review

Not a Love Story, a real story coming out from Ram Gopal Verma’s factory is inspired by the murder of Neeraj Grower. Movie shot in just 20 days is really good thriller to watch. Atleast it can make your time pass better, watching it today on you Laptop.

Movie made out with RGV’s extraordinary style of movie making will make you feel a very typical camera work, unlike the usual movies in Bollywood. So after watching such movie i can say that bollywood today is accepting and going away from the usual trend of masala comedy, ramantic songs sort of and creating a different genre in itself.

Movie starts with the lead pair accepting and making love, with the actress Mahi Gill(as Anusha) convincing the actor Deepak Dobriyal (as Robin) that she wants to go to Mumbai and become an actress. Both truly love each other. Now starts the struggle for Mahi in Mumbai and somehow she gets a role in a movie. Now a young casting manager Ajay Gehi (as Ashish) of that production house, actually doing his job and recognising her talent helps her to get a lead role into the production house.

So after one party some night this guy Ashish manages to reach Anusha place, both drinks, dances, and after a two statements of personal story of Ashish she falls flat for him thinking he is the one responsible for the first break she has got and they both sleep together the same night.

Next morning Anusha wokes up, and Ashish without any clothes sleeping in her bedroom. Door bell rings and Mahi sees its Robin. Shocked! Somehow opens the door and Robin sees a stranger for him, coming out from inside with no clothes. Straightaway Robin jumps towards him, starts beating him with Ashish remaining clueless what is happeing! Robin’s anger on a verge kills Ashish with a knife. Robin cuts his body into pieces puts them in plastics and with Anusha’s help and throws plastics away from city.

Both are caught in the end and with a huge drama to look for saying Anusha at that moment when she opens door and sees him had told him that Ashish had raped her and police telling Robin that he has become a fool and Anusha and Ashish had an affair!!! A song blaming that one moment, when Ashish was killed, calling it a filthy moment. And thus showing how a single moment can change people’s life and make it a disastor. This huge drama involves police, their respective lawyers asking them put blame on each other. But these two love each other!!! It is also shown that in the real world this story hasn’t been given any result as yet.

So as mentioned its different and its obove average. Slightly more than 2.5 stars from me. Let me know your take. Watch it and have a good time.Image


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