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Saheb, Biwi aur Gangster review (3+ out of 5)

ImageImageImageStory from Uttar Pradesh with quite a number of twists and turns and yes its not illogical, which makes it worth a watch. A beautiful queen Mahi Gill as Madhvi, slightly less dashing but good looking Nawab Jimmy Shergill as Saheb and an intelligent Ganster Randeep Hooda as Babloo/Lalit. Nawab and Queen lives in an old ancestral palace with the age old drama of Nawab having a mistress in his life. Hence Madhvi is ignored and wants Saheb to be her always. She becomes psycic and needs a dose of injection to come back normal.

A huge politics and Saheb is running short of money. Saheb has only one loyal and dangerous servant left with him and that is Kanhaiya, only one because of the lot of enemies of Nawab. Gainda Singh played by Vipin Sharma is an arch rival for Saheb and wants Nawab neither to get a Government tender of construction of some flyover which will give saheb money nor to win the election which requires money initially. Singh manages to fracture Saheb’s driver and this way enters this loyal driver’s nephew Babloo who came here just to destroy Saheb.

Babloo is made Madhvi’s driver and with an initial help from Deepal Shaw as Suman becomes a loyal to Madhvi. He manages to impress her with his guitar and she becomes fond of him as she was insearch of love and care. He gives her sex and thus a sexual relationship between Babloo and Madhvi develops. He falls madly in love with her and plans to be Saheb one day and says her the same. She is sometimes happy and sometimes expressionless for him and this makes us confused what this lady actually wants.

Babloo manages to kill the mistress and Gainda Singh through Saheb, although the mistress is never a foe for Saheb. Babloo tells Madhvi he will turn things in next 2 days and he will be the Saheb and they both will be together everafter. In a sequence to help villages from a leopard, there comes a man to attempt to kill Saheb, Kanhaiya shots him but Babloo shots kanhaiya dead and Saheb half dead. Now what happens in the end. Madhvi and Babloo or Madhvi with Saheb and the result of election. Was Babloo too intelligent or is Madhvi too ambitious. Worth watch. Go for it, its different from the contemporary Bollywood masala. Have fun. My ratings 3 our of 5 and so a ‘Good’.

Let me know what you say after you see it through your comments and emails.



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