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Don 2 (2011) movie review (3/5)


Don, Bond are people whom you always like and they are super humans. You can not forget the character and some of his style even after you have left the cinema hall. Concept of Don is absolutely fascinating. One human over powering anyone who comes his way. He is always surrounded by danger and as Don says a few dialogues and yeah may be a few stunts due to camera work and all and u blink your eyes a couple of times, the danger is disappeared.

Movie starts with the European gang of drug mafia’s planning their drug sell policy and considering Don as the threat in their drug sell business as Don would sell drugs may be at a lower price. Later Don surrenders in Malaysia to Mr.Malik played by Om Puri and Roma played by Priyanka Chopra with a strategy in mind and gets in almost a five star jail and meets his old rival Vardhan played by Boman Irani. Director Farhan Akhtar’s written dialogues have done wonders to cheer the audience. A few like when Mr. Malik reminds Don how every country’s most wanted Don is!! Don replies “Aaj meri maa hoti to kitna khush hoti!!!”. It sounds super when SRK says it. “Aap meri maa ko bilkul nahi jante Mr. Malik” .

Movie has a lot of twists and turns. Don takes Vardhan away with him from the prison by poisoning all the inmates and goes to Zurich, Switzerland where he meets his girlfriend, Ayesha played by Lara Dutta. Plans a robbery of money plates in bank called DZB by blackmailing an Indian Trustee of the bank, Diwan. Don also hires a hacker, Sameer played by Kunal Kapoor to help him in the robbery of money plates. A climax that has a lot of Boom, twists, planning, Roma’s strange love show for Don after a few statements from him for which the audience were laughing their heads off!!! Don and Roma’s exchange of a glance later, what actually the disc that Don give to Mr. Malik and German Interpol contain? Don fooling everyone regarding the plates location but how? Arrest of complete European mafia and Don becoming the King of underworld.

There is much more in it than Don 1. Perhaps a story to tell. Oh please do not compare it with Hollywod standards. A background score that you will love, SRK’s brillaint performance. Priyanka is looking absolutely hot in her cop avtar but she isn’t there actually and how come she has feelings for Don!!!! Rest performance being fine but how can Don convince German Interpol and he is left free in the end to drive the bike in style and again say the same “Don ke dushmano ki sabse……”.

So with a few inconsistencies involved Don entertains. Let me know your take by your comments.I give 3/5.


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4 thoughts on “Don 2 (2011) movie review (3/5)

  1. Sarang on said:

    SRK is always brilliant in his performance i don’t know why people always criticize him.

  2. Vaibhav on said:

    hmmm…nice lines about this pathetic movie..;)
    I now feel like I should get down to the theater 2day only to watch it. 😛

  3. @ Sarang Yes he may be brilliant in his performance but sometimes not wilth his attitude 🙂
    @ Vaibhav No yar it isn’t pathetic…watch it… just dont expect much and see…. 😛

  4. Gud movie actually.. No much overacting by SRgay ;).. Overall a good movie to end the year. Priyanka’s role is waste. Dialogues are classy. Music one of the worst by Shankar Eshaan Loy.

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