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Love Me If You Dare(4/5)

Title: Love Me If You Dare

Genre: Romantic

Introduction: Guys, you all might have seen a number of Hollywood love stories from P S I Love you to A Walk to Remember and even The Notebook and also If Only. But this one is really an awesome movie, actually a French Movie starring Guillaume Canet as Julien and Marion Cotillard as Sophie, directed by Yann Samuel. The French title of it is Jeux d’enfants — “Children’s Games in English.

Summary: Movie begins with a sequence when a little girl Sophie is being bullied by other kids outside the school bus. To make her happy Julien gives her a toy made up of tin, which is actually his ill mother’s gift to him. This way starts their friendship and ‘Game’, actually what they call it. The toy changes its owner according to the dare and its result. As kids they create a lot of nuisance in school and even at home without bothering for the consequences. They are also separated from each other in school, but this hardly matters to them and their pranks, which always start with a simple word ‘Game’ from one and the other’s acceptance.

Julien loses his mother and his father doesn’t want him to continue his friendship with Sophie. But they continue their havoc creating pranks and this leads to the constant development of feelings and hence love for each other. Once when Julien is grown up, his father asks his son to choose him or Sophie. He gets out of the car and runs to Sophie. It’s a sequence best shot for a normal movie without much of the special effects. Watch the way he pulls up the toy and runs. Goes to meet her but things don’t work they separate for years now.

After some years Julien completes his diploma and returns to meet Sophie and tells her he is marrying. On the day of his marriage, disturbed Sophie comes to the Church and doesn’t allow him to marry by disrupting him,simply by showing him the toy. She in pain asks him not to see each other for ten years. What’s next!!!!

After ten years Julien assumes that she has forgotten him but realizes he still loves her when he is married for ten years and has two kids. Sophie on the other hand is married to a famous Soccer player which makes Julien hate soccer!! A surprise, the same toy appears as a courier to him and it says ‘Game will be continued’. He rushes towards her and a prank continues, unfortunately this time leading to Julien’s accident.

Lovers of both without having any clue are astonished to see them meeting this time after a long time by calling each other through their eternal love. A very dramatic sequence tries to separate him from her forever but she calls him back and he is alive. The two climaxes shown in the end confuse us. One scene showing how old they have become but still their intense love for each other, kissing and caring each other. And the other scene shows how they buried themselves hugging each other, inside a hole that has concrete falling over it. Now what is the actual truth and climax? Just watch it to know it. For now u just see the trailer uploaded obove.

A very good romantic tale. Is it a real story? I give 4/5. A very good second half indeed.

One fact about the lead pair: Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard are lovers in real life. They live together and prefer to live a simple life, often spotted together in market and malls.


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