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Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge(3.5/5)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Introduction: Mujhse Fraaandship karoge is a super time pass movie for the youngsters. Anyone who will watch it will say few lines like ‘yes that guy was the same’, ’that girl was typically like this actress’, ‘hey! Wasn’t our story the same’? They are showing that some love stories infact that of college in this movie lasts forever. Don’t know how much actually lasts today!! The makers have actually used Facebook extensively as the backbone for this movie. It is directed by Nupur Asthana and produced by Y Films, a subsidiary of Yash Raj Films. The movie stars Saqib Saleem as Vishal, Saba Azad as Priety, Nishant Dahiya as Rahul and Tara D’souza as Malvika.

Plot/Summary: Vishal has a crush on a hot girl Malvika and Priety likes Rahul, a college singer. Vishal and Priety hate each other and they are asked by their college lecturer to work together and organize a event for their college’s silver jubilee function. Priety a passionate photographer says it should be a Photographic documentary and Vishal a smart dude of the college says they should show their college’s true romances since 25 years. The whole idea then becomes to make a Photographic documentary on the true college romances.

Vishal writes songs for singer Rahul. Malvika lives at Priety’s place. Vishal who likes Malvika asks Rahul to sent her a friend request on Facebook. Malvika never accepts strange requests and doesn’t consider Rahul’s request as a decent move and leaves the room. Priety sends the request to Rahul and their talk starts. Priety from Malvika’s profile is chatting with Rahul! No. Its Vishal using Rahul’s account and assumes he is talking to Malvika. They talk a lot and Vishal feels its love and assumes Malvika too likes him. On the other side Vishal and Priety fights with each other and shows how immature they are while arranging and preparing for the event. Vishal and Priety talking on FB decides to meet each other. They like each other seeing so many things common in them. Priety realize she actually have feeling for Vishal and not Rahul. Vishal is stunned to see Rahul kissing Malvika at a party. The secret is out and Vishal and Priety knows who are actually talking on Facebook!!

Now who goes along with whom? Is it the love from Priety’s side that win or is Vishal too disturbed to realize whom does he actually love!!!! That you should watch. Watch it to see the new age cinema and have fun!! Its humorous and got good dialogues. You might also like the song ‘Dheao Dheao’. 😛

Dheao Dheao song :

Take: A complete entertainer for two hours. I don’t feel anything dull in the movie except the too easy and fast shown climax. It’s a must watch for youngsters. 3.5/5 from me. Dekho!!!!

About the Actors, in real life: Vishal is the son of a restaurant chain ‘Saleem’ owner in Delhi. He wanted to be a cricketer in his school life but then gave it up and took over modeling. Malvika is a Kingfisher model and was last seen in the movie ‘The Angrez’(a typical Hyderabadi movie).


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4 thoughts on “Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge(3.5/5)

  1. Manali Matey on said:

    Nice Blog … 🙂 I also agree with u … climax was too fast & easy … 🙂

  2. missed it on the theatres… picked up the dvd only few days ago…absolutely loved it…

    My review coming soon! (*_*)

  3. yeah!!! i too missed that in theatres… but its worth… fun and masti!!! 🙂

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