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Ek Deewana Tha (3/5)

Genre: Romantic

Introduction: Ek Deewana Tha is a love story between a Catholic girl Jesse played by Amy Jackson and an aspirant filmmaker Sachin played by Pratiek. Movie is directed by Gautham Menon who also made this movie earlier in Telugu and Tamil versions as ‘Ye Maaya Chesave’ which means What Magic Have You Done to me? and ‘Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa’ which means ‘Will you Cross the Skies and Come?’ respectively. Sachin falls in love with Jesse as he sees her the first time, perhaps ‘Love at first sight’. The surprise package of the movie is its climax. But how does this love story goes further??

Plot/Summary: It starts with a dialogue “Duniya mein itni ladkiyan hain par mujhe Jessie se hi pyaar kyun hua?” probably three times in the movie. And then starts the story. A very beautiful, hot and sexy Jesse enters Sachin’s life. He confesses his love very soon and she doesn’t want it as her father is very strict who even doesn’t like her to talk to boys. Sachin and Jesse continue meeting each other without the knowledge of their parents. No sooner her family gets knowledge of it; they ask Jesse to marry and fix her marriage against her wish. She doesn’t say anything unless the wedding day comes and rejects to marry the stranger inside the church.



One day a confused Jesse calls Sachin who is away on a shoot location working as an assistant director to none other than Ramesh Sippy. She tells him she wants to come there as her family is again forcing her for marriage. He tells her not to come making her disappointed. He could not see her unhappy and manages to go back to her, where she tells him ‘she no more loves him’ and ‘it is over’, that she will only go with her family wish blah blah blah. It is later shown that she is no more in touch with him and she has gone far!

Now comes the climax that I won’t reveal. Just go and watch it. J J

Why not to watch: If you want some extraordinary performances then this movie is going to disappoint you. And if you have seen either of the Tamil or Telugu original then it’s just a copy paste.

Why to watch: If you are like me, oh I mean a romantic musical movie lover. They have promoted it truly well as ‘A R Rahman and Javed Akhtar musical’. Music you will hear and might feel as it is a remix version but lyrics just as Hosanna and ‘Shubh-Shubh ghadi, Shubh hai lagan Shubh-Shubh sajni ka jeevan’, you will fall in love with.

My Take: An entertainer for two and half hours. Ok the climax came too late!! Youngsters should like it. 3/5 from me!!!! Good One.

About the Actors, in real life: Amy Jackson, Miss World Teen 2008 is a British model. She made her acting debut with the successful 2010 Tamil period-drama ‘Madrasapattinam’. Her Next movie is a Tamil movie ‘Thaandavan’. Pratiek is the son of late actress Smita Patil and Raj Babbar. His upcoming movie is called ‘Issaq’.



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8 thoughts on “Ek Deewana Tha (3/5)

  1. How does it compare with Vinnai Thandi varuvaya?

  2. HI Hariharan… Ek Deewana Tha is a remake of it… its a complete copy made in Hindi, even the music is same to a good extent… still its a fun watching the movie.:)

  3. Ok .. sounds like I need to watch this.. since I am a die hard romantic:)

    glad to have found you at Indiblogger

  4. hey that nice 🙂 Thanks!!!
    n u r a die hard romantic fan!!!
    i have also written a review for Love Me If U Dare watch it….too good movie…
    n i can tell u names of lot of awesome romantic movies..:)

  5. great to be back on twitter after a long time.started following the most admired & respected actor Akshay kumar.my personal favourite luv u.

  6. You have remarked very interesting points! ps nice website.

  7. anuodh chourasiya on said:

    nice pic

  8. sanika on said:

    I love those movie

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