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Paan Singh Tomar

‘Bihad mein baaghi hote hain… Dacait milte hain Parliament mein’ this is perhaps the best dialogue from Paan Singh Tomar, a terrific entertainer, a movie exactly contrary with the usual masala bollywood movies. Director Tigmanshu Dhulia gives the character’s journey in a razor-sharp way from the time he joins the armed forces, later becoming an athelete, feeling betrayed in his village and finally becoming a dacoit. After Shagird and Saheb Biwi aur Gangster it’s a one more perfectly executed movie Dhulia has made.

It is an eye opener biopic about the sportsmen who once made their nation proud with their achievements but were later miffed when they needed their country the most. In our country few atheletes have died penniless and some were also asked to sell their medal later to earn the living! Pan Singh Tomar is a movie that enlightens the life and journey of one such small town lad turning a very famous dacoit.

Irfan Khan a great actor as he is has done enough home work before stepping into the character. He has very well done a 20 year old young aspiring army man, to a 50 year old dacoit. All the sequences looks fantastic with him like the 3000 meter running and long jumps to those of kidnapping men of his own village for the money. He has made his looks too good to match at every stage of the film. Mahie Gill once again gives a good performance and the romantic scenes between her and Irfan are humorous and put a pleasant smile on your face.

The sharp cinematography and better background score makes things exiting. With the serious issue taken as the main theme of this movie, it still has a rib tickling comic timings. This proves that serious movie can be equally entertaining, catchy and memorable. Sadly the song kero mama is not shown in the movie. watch it in the trailer above.

If you really want to see some good movie other than the usual Agneepath or some other masala movie go for this one. While leaving the theatre you will feel it was worth and totally paisa vasool. It is delightful and 3.5/5 from me.


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17 thoughts on “Paan Singh Tomar

  1. o.k. ….I will surely go for it…..thanks for sharing review

  2. sedated1988 on said:

    I am looking forward to watch the movie

  3. Sarang on said:

    Hey Nishchal……..You have written it very nicely.I must say much improvement than the previous ones.Just keep going dude……!!!!!!

  4. A Nice review on Paan Singh Tomar.Irfan is phenomenal actor!
    I’m planning to catch this 🙂

  5. yes truly… perhaps that might be the reason Irfan is more an international star unlike any khan, kapoor or kumar!!!
    Thanks!!!! 🙂
    Go for it… Have fun!!!

  6. I have been waiting a long while to watch this and hope it can be possible really soon! Enjoyed reading your review and will keep reading your blog.

  7. well another brilliance by Irrfan Khan…

  8. Hi Nishchal,
    Thank you so much for sharing the reviews.I had seen it on 7th march.Wonderful movie.Irfaan Khan rocks.

  9. Great Read!

    Loved the film. Irrfan sheds his stereotypical image with PST…was shocked to read he is 47 plus and has still carried off the role commendably well…

    here are my thoughts on the film –



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