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Shala: Marathi Movie Review. So who wants to go back to school again ??

‘Shala’ is a very impressive Marathi movie released in January 2012 based on a Marathi best-selling novel ‘shala’ which means school. Movie directed by Sujay Dahake who says it is about ‘the Emergency period, in the Indian democracy through the eyes of a teenager.’ This movie won hearts and awards too. It has also been given a National Award and a several awards at the different award functions.

This work has come from a Marathi Film Industry which is the oldest film industry in India. The first film in India was made by Dadasaheb Phalke who has made more than 50 movies in his career span of 20 years. This first film in India was made way back in 1913 titled ‘Raja Harishchandra’. Government of India also gives the most prestigious and the highest award in India Cinema called as the ‘DadaSaheb Phalke Award’. Marathi Films has now become a pioneer industry but it is still not popular and rich if one compares it with Telugu or Tamil Cinema and off course Bollywood. One reason behind this is the presence of Bollywood in Mumbai, Maharashtra where Marathi Industry is also located.

Coming back to the movie ‘Shala’, it is one movie for everyone. Someone who have gone to Shala (school), someone who have studied hard in school, someone who was a back bencher, someone who had his first crush in school or might be it was his true love. This movie is a treat for those who still miss their school friends, teachers, the school playground, the extra-curricular gatherings, the school building and the huge fun of teasing the class mates and teachers, fighting with their best friends and then eventually becoming better than the best friends. I really can’t forget the fun I had in teasing some of my friends, the chalk fight and the different games and even the regular antakshari we played every day in School.

Shala is a story of a boy Mukund and his friends studying in 9th standard.  They meet regularly for studies and gossips at a place from where they see and tease their school mates and especially the girls. Mukund have a crush on a girl, Shirodkar and the story majorly revolves around her and Mukund. Mukund keeps looking towards her everyday in the class room but he still manages to be a decent boy in studies. They become good friends and he tries to impress her in a secretive way. It is a story around the emergency in India in the 1970’s. Shirodkar too likes him later but things goes wrong when Mukund is found guilty helping his friend, in case where his friend asked a simple question to a girl whether she likes him too!! Mukund’s impression turns bad in front of Shirodkar. I want you all to see the movie and not me telling it completely! It has a little sad climax as one of Mukund’s friend fails to pass in the 9th standard exams, other friend leaves the village and Shirodkar has gone away with her family due to her father’s transfer.

Movie is hilarious at times and it puts you in thoughts and you might say ‘oh! I miss my school!’ It has got a good background score which is just like a 70’s bollywood movie score. It is a simple story that has been given a beautiful direction. Movie has a typical cinematography led by Spanish cinematographer Diego Romero which captures the Indian landscapes elegantly. It is a very lovable film and an ideal show to watch with your school friends. I will give 3.5/5. Go for its DVD right now. It is also available on Torrentz 😛 Have fun! 🙂


100% Love review (Telugu 2011) (3.5/5)

100% Love, obviously a love story as the title suggests, is one more good movie from the Telugu cinema world. It stars the very popular actress Tamanna Bhatia as Mahalaxmi and Naga Chaitanya as Balu, directed by Sukumar. They say that Sukumar never disappoints and I too had a great time watching the movie although it has a little dull sequences in the second half.

Movie tells us about Balu who is a state topper, totally self obsessed and very egoistic guy and Mahalaxmi whose entry into Balu’s life and perhaps in his house as she comes in to complete her graduation changes balu’s life. Their ego clash, fight, love and their realization how much they love each other in the end! Shown very well and very intelligently. Performance wise both the stars have done great job. But has the director little biased towards showing his actress too stylish, too beautiful, sometimes too hot and the actor remaining so so all the time? Naga certainly was lagging if you are looking for a style quotient. But his acting seems to be so good that it over shadows other things.

A lot in this movie you will like and recall many a times like their description of Infatuation on each other by them and later the same by kids living in Balu’s room just to become good and yes, topper in their studies. Even the servant at Balu’s place joining kids to describe infatuation. 😀 😀 The college principal each time shown after the semester results and declaring to name a block after the topper and thus teasing others and second topper particularly to come better next time. You will also never forget the fights between the leading jodi, their love and off course the very beautiful actress. One will also like the punchline of the movie ‘Shahrukh weds Kajol’ and these names they both give to each other during their ego clash .J

All in all it entertains. Watch it for fun and especially the love story lovers.. 3.5/5 from me.

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